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Midas film premiere held at MIDAS BOYS on 4th April 2014

Film Selected to compete in the Kenya National Drama Festivals in Nyeri from 7th -15th

About Midas...

 Download Brochure We define ourselves as a modern, tranformational middle cost 8-4-4 boarding high school for boys. We are situated in Juja 2.5Km along Bob Harries road off Exit 16 on Thika Super Highway.

You work hard to ensure that your son gets an education that will give him a competitive edge in the modern world. You therefore need a school that understands current educational trends and modern school systems. Observing trends in our current 8-4-4 schools, it is clear that they are too slow, unwilling or unable to adapt. If you were to re-visit the school where you studied, you will be surprised to find that nothing has changed over the years or worse still things have deteriorated!

Yet, the world has changed many times over since you were in school. The question big question then is: With the world changed and rapidly changing, what benefits would your son get from attending a school that has not changed for the last several decades and hence cannot meet the educational and developmental expectations of your son?

It is these concerns that led to the establishment of Midas International Boys High School. At Midas, we are committed to educational transformation and to modernizing the way we educate. The Midas brand is transforming the teaching and learning process to deliver modern education to the modern child for the modern world!



Our Vision

Midas International Boys High SchoolTo be the flagship institution setting trends and dictating the pace of innovation in modern educational practice and outcomes in the region.







Midas International Boys High SchoolTo provide modern learning systems and environments to meet the demands of the information age for the future.






Core Values

Midas International Boys High SchoolModernization, Internationalization, Self-discovery,Reflection, Creativity, Innovation, Passion, Cooperation, Freedom with Responsibility, Compassion.







Midas International Boys High SchoolA learning center that represents modernization, innovation, cooperation and bold transformation in the educational process and practice





Midas International Boys High SchoolThe next generation should be educated to solve problems that the current generation can hardly imagine. Knowledge alone will not be enough; future generations must be equipped with the requisite creative, innovative and adaptive skills that they will need to survive yet unknown global technological, economic, ecological and multicultural challenges.

Midas Video

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2014 Admissions

Application for 2014 admission is ongoing. Click here to apply

Welcome message from the Founder & Director of Academic Programmes

Prof. Michael Wainaina, Founder and Director of Academic Programmes
I am delighted to welcome you to Midas International Boys High School. We are an 8-4-4 high school for boys founded on the principle of modernization of education systems, processes and outcomes. We are committed to giving our students and parents a different educational experience by providing a learning environment that is guided by the modern principles of schooling. These entail learner-centered, collaborative learning methods anchored on the use of ICT. >> Read full message | >>See Prof Wainaina's Profile [PDF]